Born in Diamond Bar, CA, Brett Fulmer now resides in Costa Mesa with his wife Jennifer. Brett’s passion for insurance lead him to be a regular contributing writer to Insurance Nerds (insnerds.com), and a co-host on their News Round Table video podcast. He has also appeared on Agency Nation, Quoted and Your Living Brand podcasts, regularly contributing to insurance technology, trends, and business development conversations.

Brett’s mission with Newport Beach Insurance Center is to bring best in class A-rated carrier to his network and community. He believes that risk is part of life, but you can do things to limit downside. He is also passionate about turning insurance cost centers into business advantages and wealth multipliers. Brett knows you want to pay as little as possible, know you’re covered, and seize every advantage you can when it come to protecting and growing capital.

Brett Fulmer || d (949) 358-7990 || brett@brokerbrett.com