Born in Diamond Bar, CA, Brett Fulmer now resides in Costa Mesa with his wife Jennifer. Brett’s passion for insurance has led him to be a regularly contributing author for Insurance Nerds ( blog, and he is a co-host on their Attachment Point News Round Table video podcast. Brett has also appeared on Agency Nation Radio, Quoted and Your Living Brand podcasts, regularly contributing to the InsurTech conversation, and exploring what the convergence of technology and insurance looks like.


Brett’s mission with Newport Beach Insurance Center is to seamlessly bring best in class A-rated carrier access to his network and community through leveraging today’s technology. He believes that risk is part of life, but you can do things to limit downside. He is also passionate about turning insurance cost centers into business advantages and wealth multipliers. Brett knows you want to pay as little as possible, know you’re covered, and brutalize technology where it makes sense, but still have the ability to work with a trusted adviser.

Brett Fulmer || d (949) 358-7990 ||



Certified Public Accountant Brandon Riegel brings a background in Finance and Accounting to the Newport Beach Insurance Center team, and he has held a California P&C insurance license since 2009 as well.

Brandon has been strategic in the structuring of Newport Beach Insurance Center and identifying growing market opportunities, he also has been able to identify tax-advantaged opportunities for the Newport Beach Insurance Center clientele.


Our primary focus is protecting small businesses and the associated private wealth, we have access to top A-rated carriers to help do just that. We can assist with the placement of Life Insurance Policies and Group Benefits Plans through our partnerships as well.

Newport Beach Insurance Center is proud to have access to top technology tools in the industry, and the ability to access and monitor all lines if insurance for our clients in one space, completing the 360 degree risk-management goal that we strive for. We have specialty programs for ease in placing Real Estate, Cannabis Cyber and Flood policies, as well as technology that enables easy but thorough placement of standard Personal, Commercial, Health, Benefits and Life insurance needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to help protect your family and commercial assets, we don’t take that responsibility lightly.